Pino Settanni

Pino Settanni, defined a painter with the camera, was born in Grottaglie (Taranto) on March 21, 1949. From 1966 he worked at the Italsider steelworks in Taranto. At that time he met the artists of his city and began to cultivate and develop his love and talent for photography. In those years he began to carry out an extraordinary series of photographs in the regions of southern Italy.

In 1973 he left his work in Taranto and moved to Rome to definitively follow his artistic vocation. In 1975 he met Monique Gregory, his future wife, who owned an art gallery in Via del Babuino and who introduced him into the world of artists. In that same year he published his work, Voligrammi, consisting of a series of photo-graphs of groups of birds in flight in which he imagines and traces countless lines of conjunction that construct/create precise geometrical figures to find, in an apparent and random disorder, an order and a harmony.



In 1977 he met the painter Renato Guttuso, with whom he developed a close friendship and a long artistic association until 1983. In that period he made an remarkable report on behalf of the Espresso on the Trans-Siberian line in Siberia.
After a short stay in Paris, in 1987 he finally settled in his studio in Via Di Ripetta in Rome where he produced an extraordinary series of portraits of famous people and artistic creations including the signs of the zodiac, the capital vices, the Tarots, the alphabet of the French commissioned by the European Maison of photography in Paris.
Always suspended between photography and painting he produced, over the years, extraordinary pictorial manipulations on some of his photographs, which he defined as archaeology of the future, to signify the wonder that finding of these works in a distant future, couldprovoke .
In two successive periods he made fascinating reports on New York. He cwas commission by the Italian Army to produce two important reports in the Balkans and Afghanistan, wars zones were Italian troops were engaged between 1998 and 2005.



In recent years, fascinated by digital technologies, he elaborated in an absolutely original and creative way, his photographic images manipulating the shapes in an authentic exaltation of the light of colors.

Finally he created a fantastic world made of mermaids and an imaginary Mister Pop, a small tin toy with a suitcase, which somehow symbolizes his wandering in the real and in his own fantastic personal world.

Pino Settanni died in Rome on August 31, 2010.

pino settanni