Fondazione SoutHeritage per l’arte contemporanea / Matera

Fondazione SoutHeritage per l’arte contemporanea is an corporate foundation for contemporary art was founded in 2003 in Matera (the city of the Rioni Sassi, enrolled in the UNESCO World Heritage List), like an expression of an enterpreneurial philosophy wich considerates the contemporary creativity like a necessary requirement for the full performance of the company’s social function, both internally and within its sphere of operation.

The Bgreen Agri Company, with these presuppositions, has founded the Fondazione SoutHeritage per l’arte contemporanea, an institution wich works like a non-profit and independent subject; the foundation project is conceived like an expanded project space for art at the outermost limits of location specificity; a conceptual operation in terms of exhibition display, in a historical period where there is much debate about sites dedicated to contemporary art. In this way SotHeritage Foundation set up its projects both in the historical and simbolic places of Matera and Basilicata region. The contemporary artists are invited to engage and activate the various locations and its heritage, the landscape and nature and also to question the historical topoi from a present-day perspective.

The foundation works in line with these premises (it won in 2005 the “Impresa&Cultura Gugghenheim Award”), in sinergy with public and private instituctions, accademies, universities; it spreads contemporary art and culture, not only for a keen pubblic, but also for who want to approach it (this mission engages the SH foundation in its programs, with the free admission in all events.

Palazzo Viceconte / Matera

The recently restored Palazzo Viceconte is located in the oldest part of the city of Matera, from which you can see the most beautiful view of the Rioni Sassi (world heritage UNESCO) and the surroundings of Matera. Inside there is a beautiful eighteenth-century court and a monumental staircase that leads to the elegant halls of the main floor furnished with antique furniture, where there is a beautiful collection of paintings from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

A large terrace, reachable with the elevators, allows an exceptional view on the Sassi, on the river Gravina and on the whole park of the surrounding landscape.

Istituto Luce / Roma

The photographic archive of the Istituto Luce, with its heritage of over 3 million images, documents the whole of the twentieth century and is a faithful chronicle of the changes in our country. The first acquisition and institutional production funds cover an extended period of time, recounting events, landscapes and social changes from 1919 to 1956.

Other funds acquired since the post-war period document the Italian society from 1948 to the days.

EGO55 – Comunicazione Strategica / Matera 

Integrated Communication and Marketing Agency, headquartered in Matera, specializes in strategic, creative, innovative and digital Business Communication.