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2019 Cultural Programme

The Museo per la Fotografia Pino Settanni 2019 cultural programme is going to be completely dedicated to the important award that the city of Matera obtained as “2019 European Capital of Culture”.

In this context and thanks to the amount of experiences, collaborations and exchanges accumulated over the years, the Museo per la Fotografia Pino Settanni has been identified as a reality of excellence and it has been commissioned to develop and co-produce one of the cultural projects of “Matera 2019 – European Capital of Culture”.

The project, titled “Padiglioni Invisibili”, aims to promote reflections upon the responsibility architecture and artistic research hold for one of the many territorial resources of Matera: excavated and hypogeous architecture, of which the city can be considered as one of the world capitals. The project wants to develop a series of researches (commissioned to internationally known architects and artists) and activities open to the public – such as exhibitions, workshops, seminars, public lectures and publications – whose aim is to recover and redevelop some hypogeum spaces in order to bring them back to the public purpose.

The hypogeums that have been identified for recovery are a series of spectacular storage tanks located in the basement of Palazzo Viceconte, in the heart of the Rioni Sassi of Matera (UNESCO Heritage and famed as European Capital of Culture 2019). In addition to the recovery actions, the programme of the project envisions a dense calendar of open to the public events and activities – developed by specific national and international research groups- that are propaedeutic actions to the development of the “Shaping Pavilions” project.

The project, in its entirety, envisions the active participation of over 30 people between architects, artists and professionals that will employ their know how to set up a dynamic programme tailored on the recovered spaces in order to give them a new public and cultural use.


For more information about the project programme > www.southeritage.it


Mostra Settanni / Damy – FOTOMVSEUM

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Mostra Settanni / Basilico – FOTOMVSEUM

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